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DIY Paint Projects: Some Assembly Required?


One of the most common DIY projects for those looking to apply a hands-on approach to home improvement is painting a room. Popular because it is a good choice. A lot less expensive than splurging on brand new furnishing and the result can be a full-scale aesthetic makeover.

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Some Assembly Required? YES!

Successfully pulling off a DIY home improvement project involving paint is to look at like you are building something. You may not thinking painting a room or the entire house requires assembly like putting together your kid’s bike on Christmas Eve. If you change your mind about that, you will discover the process goes much more smoothly.

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10 Tips To Improve Your Home


Many people are looking to fix up their home but may not know where to start. There are ten simple home improvements that can be done to make a home look great once again.

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1. Fix Up the Yard


Adding a couple of flowerbeds, putting down a layer of sod can improve the look of the home. Yard work is inexpensive and once it is completed the house will have a much better curb appeal.

2. Wash the Walls


Instead of repainting the home wash the walls if they are looking dingy. A little soap and water will do the trick. This will remove all dirt, handprints, and other things that may have the walls looking dull.

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A Guide To Priming Your Kitchen Cabinets In Under 2 Hours


Introduction: Priming Kitchen Cabinets

Priming your cabinets first is very important, if you want your paint job to adhere quickly, cover up stains, and remains durable. If your cabinets are already painted or if they are unpainted, a primer will Take off and prime the doors, drawers, and cabinet frame. Many primers seal surfaces which have a porous texture and smooths it so that when you apply your paint, it goes on easily. Make sure to paint them afterwards. Modern primers are water (shellac), latex, and oil based with speeds up all types of priming jobs. Water based primers dry very rapidly and can be recoated with finish paint in less than an hour. The guide to priming your kitchen cabinets in under 2 hours is all in the type of primer you choose. There are fast drying, low odor primers that can be found in local home improvement stores or through popular online websites. Here are some tips on priming your kitchen cabinets in a quick time frame:

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Traits Your Next Plumber Should Have


When there are damages, broken water pipes, water problems, and blocked pipes, the best thing to do is call immediately a plumber. But if you know how to repair this on your own, lucky you—you can certainly save big amount of cash from DIY pipe fixing.

There is a lot of plumber available anywhere. It is never difficult to find one in your area. There are a lot of options as to where you can find the best plumbers. Yes, they are always available on call and they are truly can be dependable in plumbing techniques. However, how do you choose the best plumber? There are guides and steps on how this plumber should be. Look at the below guidelines regarding this:

1. First you should be able to know if they are a licensed plumber (for what that looks like, check out this plumbing company) and have they passed trainings and can truly operate as professional plumbers. Make sure they are connected with a company or if not, they have it on their own. Look for the training certificates just make sure of the 2 important things you should be asking. Also check on the expiry date of their identification card if they are from a company. Do also check on the authenticity of the training certificates one has.

2. Plumbers should respect the clients time. They should be able to agree on such time as to when plumbers can arrive early.

3. Plumbers should come in handy, meaning they must be prepared at all times. Nothing is missing with the tools that are needed by the job.

4. The plumber should respect your house and make his work space as clean as possible. If it gets too messy, they should be able to know how to clean that mess. It reflect as to how the kind and quality work the plumber does by cleaning the work area well.

5. A plumber should have a good estimate as to how much would be able to spend if there are damages or broken pipes that are needed to replace. They should also be updated with the modern materials. As everybody knows modern materials may be costly, plumbers should be looking for the affordable yet with good quality.

6. Plumbers should be able to explain well the techniques and methods that they are using. This is to make certain that plumbers do know what they are doing. They must be able to communicate well with their clients and explain in simple terms as to what needs to be done, what needs to buy or what procedure should be done.

7. If there are mistakes or errors that are done by the plumbers, they should also know how to fix these.

In screening plumbers one should be satisfied of the answers and the things presented by the plumbers if they are real or not. Make sure that these plumbers already went to different strict methods just to ensure that you made the right choice and you have hired the best plumber for your needs.

5 Cleaning Strategies to Impress Your Landlord

The Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne Location


Someday you will own your own home but right now you are renting. Use this time wisely to learn how to care for your living space just as you would if you were actually the homeowner. Your landlord will be so impressed and you will always have a neat, clean environment to live and entertain in. This info was taken from:

Some great cleaning strategies to utilize while you are leasing include:

  • Put your cleaning duties on a schedule.

Decide what must be done every day, every week, every month and every year. Make easy-to-reference lists so nothing is forgotten. For example, you may wish to clean your refrigerator once a month but the back coils of your refrigerator may need to be vacuumed about once a year. Have specific times during the week that you clean your basic surroundings by scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping down or sorting. Saturday mornings may be good for some while a weeknight might work better for others.

  • Go above and beyond.

Your landlord will have a reasonable expectation that you will keep your rental neat and clean but what he will not expect is your attention to detail outside of your home. Always keep the exterior of your door shiny and clean. Placing a small welcome mat just outside of your entrance will look inviting and will also keep dirt and dust from entering your home when friends and family arrive. If your door opens to the outdoors, add small potted flowers on either side for even more appeal.


  • Think outside of your own space.

Make a point to always pick up trash near your mailbox or on your way to your car. It should be all of the tenants’ responsibility to help keep the area clear from debris and even if your landlord doesn’t see you, other tenants will and will probably comment to him and then follow suit due to your good example.

  • Hire professionals when the need arises.

Pros can do a much better job on your carpet and tile than you can and the result will be well-maintained and attractive areas that your landlord will be truly impressed with.

  • Use only green household cleaners

This will reduce the impact on your health and the environment. This shows that you are a caring and very particular renter. Your landlord may even take note of your cleaning supplies and begin using them when other tenants move out.

Becoming a responsible and clean tenant will give you the basics you will need to know in properly cleaning a home. You will also be in good standing and have a great relationship with your landlord if you care diligently for all of your surroundings.